Design services

To successfully achieve the best results in planning your landscaping project, the most important step is to have a vision and master plan. Whether you are planning to do your landscape project in phases or all at once, a master plan will save you time, money, and will produce the best results.

Our design plans will pull together your needs for space and functionality, as well as design and material preferences, to create a flow that is right for you and your environment.

Design, from the beginning

We begin with an on-site consultation, gathering information and establishing how you like to use your outside space, such as: activities, functions, animal needs, over all style you have in mind.

It is important to establish a budget before design work begins. A budget can really drive design direction and help keep projects on track. Beginning with a budget doesn't mean compromising design or quality.

Next, we’ll use the information gathered, along with digital photos and measurements from the site, to develop a conceptual drawing and cost estimate.

Once we work out the final details, and the estimate and design are approved, we will establish a start date and schedule. Your new outdoor environment will be off and running!

Standard Maintenance / weekly

Price will vary on size and needs of property.

  1. All grass areas will be mowed during growing season once a week
  2. Sidewalks, driveway areas, and curbs will be edged twice per month or as needed.
  3. All paths, walkways and parking areas will be blown off every visit to remove debris.
  4. Weed control will be done either manually or through the use of herbicides and placed in recycle bin.
  5. Leaf removal during winter months.
  6. Trimming of shrubs and plants. Trees above 12’ feet at an additional charge.
  7. Fertilize lawn and plants twice a year. Four times a year for an additional charge.
  8. It is recommended that at least twice a year a deep clean be done. This is a full day with two crew members focusing on harder cutting areas and intensive weed control removal.
  9. It is recommended in spring that new mulch be added as needed for weed control and for water retention.